Kart Race 3D

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What is Kart Race 3D?

Kart Race 3D

Kart Race 3D is without a doubt one of the best kart racing games online in 3D to have been added to our website, which will only make the recently-created category dedicated to them even better than it already was, guaranteed since the game has unique cartoon karts and racers, fun tracks that look taken out from Subway Surfers, and we can promise you a really amazing time with it since we've had it already!

Kart Race 3D: drive fast and win!

Use the right and left arrow keys to steer, as the kart accelerates by itself, and change lanes so that you collect as many hearts and coins as possible, using the hearts to keep your health bar up, and the coins in the garage to buy new vehicles and unlock new drivers.

At each level, you have targets you need to accomplish in order to clear them, such as the ranking, the collected items, or the speed you make. On the tracks, there will also be mystery boxes through which you drive to grab power-ups, which you then activate by clicking on the on-screen button that appears.

Use these weapons to take out the competition, but also make sure to drive on the lanes with speed boosts on them to get the extra speed that will help you overtake them. We wish you a clean race, good luck, and victory from one track after another!

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How to play?

Use the arrows, mouse.