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What are Kart Games?

Kart Games is a category created as an incredible companion to the Car Games and Racing Games categories we already have on our website, as these formats and genres tend to be mixed up with one another, but here we want to make the separation between larger cars, such as the ones used in Formula 1, Nascar, or even commercial sports cars, and karts, which are mini-vehicles similar to a car, but they usually have a frame that has not covered, so you just sit in the driver's chair, and use the handle or wheel to steer, and there are only two pedals: acceleration and the brake.

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Karting might be done as a competition, and some racers participate in professional tournaments, but it is mostly for casual sports fans who want to race at relatively high speeds, but without using vehicles with too much power in their engine, which is why the activity is also adored by many children and teens, who we invite to also try doing it virtually, where they can leave any worries of injury or accident behind since you're karting from a computer or a mobile device.

The mechanics are usually just like those with bigger vehicles, usually using the ARROW keys or the WASD keys to steer your go-kart, with sometimes using both sets of keys if you're playing karting games in 2 players. You can also compete against other real players from other parts of the globe with multiplayer kart games, with us also recommending that you try out doing this virtual racing activity with characters that you love, most notably through games like:

  • Mario Kart
  • Dragon Ball
  • Sesame Street
  • Garfield, and many more characters that you love.

Of course, most of the games here are generated in 3D graphics, to make the experience more vivid and help you feel like you're on a real track, but you should definitely also try 2D ones or retro content since a throwback is always a fun time to be had.

The world of online karting games is here, at the tip of your fingers, so experience it and have fun as only here is possible, and make sure to check some of the adjacent categories we have here to have a more diverse experience of our website!