Crazy Driver Noob

22.02.2023 972 19 votes

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What is Crazy Driver Noob?

Crazy Driver Noob

Crazy Driver Noob is, as the title would suggest, one of the craziest driving games that the Minecraft Games category has had so far, which would be expected when it comes to the Noob, who is always down for whatever, just like you are going to see right now, when we invite you to have one really amazing time, as per usual!

Let's drive mad with Crazy Driver Noob!

You use W and S to drive and the A and D keys for the angle control, as you find yourself at the wheel of a cart, with which you need to reach the end of each course without falling into pits, getting blocked by obstacles, or completely crashing, while collecting as many coins as possible to buy new models of wagons.

There will be ramps and crazy stunts that you can make, bonus and surprise power-ups in the form of boxes with question marks, and tons of fun like this awaiting you, so start right now, and maybe tell your friends about our amazing content too! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use W, A, S, D to drive.



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