Super Mario Kart

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Super Mario Kart
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What is Super Mario Kart?

Super Mario Kart

When it comes to racing games with karts, one of the video game franchises that has had the biggest influence over the genre is definitely that of Mario Games, and their Mario Kart Games series, starting with the one that you can now emulate and play free of charge directly from a browser on our website, and which you can easily find right on this page!

Race karts with Mario and friends!

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, Princess Peach, Kappas, and other characters from the franchise will be featured in this game, but instead of a platform-adventure game with traps, obstacles, and coins to collect, you hop up in karts with these characters and race one another to be the first one crossing the finish line.

You can play either by yourself against the computer, or you can be joined by another friend or family member in the 2P mode, and if that is the case, the screen will be split into two, so you can each follow your characters and karts better.

You can try the classic GP mode, you have a time trial as well, where you go up against the clock, and in the 2P mode you also have the battle mode. Use the keyboard to control your karts, and be on the lookout for power-ups you can find along the tracks and use them to get ahead of the other racers. Good luck, have fun!

How to play?

Use the keyboard.

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