Henry Hugglemonster Roar Off

Henry Hugglemonster Roar Off

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Henry Hugglemonster Roar Off
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Henry Hugglemonster Roar Off Overview


Let's have a Henry Hugglemonster Roar Off online! No, we're not shouting at one another! We're actually playing a cart-racing game! Yes, in the world of these Disney Junior monsters. They're making their own karts, and speeding ahead with them. Make sure to join in the fun!

Roar Off with Henry Hugglemonster!

Begin by choosing one of the four core karts. Each of them starts off basic, and they're in grey. Boring! That's because the game allows you to make your own kart. Take the initial design, and customize it with your imagination!

You can paint it any color you want. Add a flag on it, and put stickers: lightning rods, flames, even pirate skulls. You can also add a spoiler at the back of the kart, and choose the model of wheels it will run on.

Win the race with Henry Hugglemonster!

To win it, be the first one to cross the finish line. You're racing against two other monsters. With the mouse, drag forward and to the sides to drive your cart. Collect as many flags from the road as you can. They represent your score, and you want a big one, don't you?

Go over the speed bumps, and don't get left behind! If you win or lose, race again. Customize more karts, and do more racing! The monsters are always ready for more fun, are you?

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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