Prism Rider

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What is Prism Rider?

Prism Rider

Prism Rider is a kart driving game online in 3D unlike you get to see and play on our website every day, precisely why sharing it with you all right now was very important for us all, so we hope you are not going to miss out on it for anything in the world!

Become the Prism Rider and let the music shine!

Use the arrows or the WASD keys to control your kart, as you race through the prism world and try to get one checkpoint after another, represented by gates because when you ride through them you get to hear music and this way you have to complete the song, and try to get as far as possible through it before the time runs out on you.

There will be speed boosts you should drive on to get ahead faster, but there are also those with the arrow in the other direction, which you should avoid at any and all costs. There can be other obstacles too, so be careful of them as well, you don't want to get stuck and lose. Good luck, enjoy, and have fun with music and cars!



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