Pro Obunga vs Noob and Hacker

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What is Pro Obunga vs Noob and Hacker?

Pro Obunga vs Noob and Hacker

Pro Obunga vs Noob and Hacker is going to be one of the best new 2-player Minecraft Games online you get to find and play today on our website, and it is also not going to be the last one, which is why we are eager to explain it right now, so you can start giving it your best from the get-go, and then have a blast with it as only here you can!

Play Pro Obunga vs Noob and Hacker in 2 players!

You control one character's cart with WASD, and the other one's with the ARROW keys, as you need to help the Noob and Hacker race away on them from Pro Obunga, who is the meme character that is chasing them.

Make sure to cross all the obstacles, traps, and pits that you encounter along the way, collecting coins along the way for a big score, and making sure none of the two characters die.

If even one of you dies on the course, you lose and have to start again from scratch. The courses get more difficult as you proceed, but we promise you they get even more fun as well. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use WASD and the ARROWS.

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