Noob vs Hacker 2 Shooter

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What is Noob vs Hacker 2 Shooter?

Noob vs Hacker 2 Shooter

We now welcome you all to Noob vs Hacker 2 Shooter, which is a new action-adventure game with shooting and puzzle elements all into one, also a platform game on top of all that, so you should really have all the incentive right now to give it a try, and we're highly positive you are going to enjoy each minute spent on playing this amazing game!

Let's play Noob vs Hacker 2 Shooter online!

With the A and D keys you move, with space or W you jump or climb stairs, and with the mouse, you click on the target button to shoot. As a prisoner of the Hacker, you try escaping the prison and going from one level to another, while avoiding or shooting down the zombie guards.

Pull levers to bring down bridges, and use any kind of other weapons, upgrades, and tools that you find along the way so that you don't get killed, in which case you need to start again from scratch.

Your next pixelated and blocky adventure begins right now, so we hope you are giving it a chance right now, after which maybe you share the game with your friends as well!

How to play?

Use A, D, space, and the mouse.

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