Wuggy 2048

Wuggy 2048

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Wuggy 2048
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Wuggy 2048 Overview


Sometimes, playing Poppy Playtime Games online does not have to be scary at all, just like when you play puzzle games with Huggy Wuggy, and one of the best examples we can offer you right at this moment is Wuggy 2048, where the classic merging game is getting a fresh makeover with this cursed doll!

Play 2048 with Huggy Wuggy!

The tiles featuring Huggy Wuggy in various colors also have numbers, starting off with 2, and then doubling up if you merge them. Use the arrows or the mouse to swipe all the tiles in one go in any direction you want, and combine two tiles of the same number to create one with double that number.

You have to keep using this method to get to higher numbers and increase your score along the way, the more you merge, the bigger the score. Of course, try to do it mindfully, because if you run out of moves and get stuck, you stop there and have to start again from zero.

The best we want to wish you all, and we invite you to see what other amazing games this category has brought you so far!

How to play?

Use the mouse or arrows.

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