OffRoad Forest Racing

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What is OffRoad Forest Racing?

OffRoad Forest Racing

Welcome to OffRoad Forest Racing, one of the best new truck racing games in 3D to have been added to our website, and while you might be playing it only against the computer, we are sure you will still have tons of fun, as you get to drive and race trucks through forest courses, which are hard to steer through, but that is what makes the challenge interesting, and, even better, it's virtual, so you are totally safe!

Get ready for OffRoad Forest Racing!

The game has a total of 15 levels, and as you race through them, aim not only to win by being the first one crossing the finish line but also to try collecting as many coins as possible, since you can use those and the ones you earn to buy new vehicles, making racing through harder levels easier thanks to the new power you have in the trucks.

Use the arrow keys for steering your trucks through the forest roads, and use the spacebar for nitro, using it when you have enough energy. We wish you all simply the best, hope to see you around some more, and we tell you that there are many more surprises here, you just have to keep looking for them!

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How to play?

Use arrows and the spacebar.