Big Air Bears

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What is Big Air Bears?

Big Air Bears

Big Air Bears is one of the best new We Baby Bears Games online that our team is delighted to share with you for free right now, even more so because we're the first ones sharing it with you all, proving once more why you visiting our website daily is one of the best decisions you take day-to-day, even more so if you're fans of cartoons shows and the games based around them!

Let's have tons of fun with Big Air Bears online!

Over the skies of an Asian country, you need to help the bear brothers, two of them, jump from one candle balloon to another until they both reach their third brother, who fell from their box and got lost.

To make the jumps you will press the spacebar, so press space when you want each bear to make their jump, and doing so one after another until you reunite the baby bears, will lead to victory.

Each new level features a bigger course for you to do the jumping on, so the more you play, the more you need to focus, and we're sure that you will have tons of fun, just like we did!

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How to play?

Use the spacebar.