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What are We Baby Bears Games?

The famous bear brothers of Cartoon Network return younger, smaller, cuter, and even more fun, as 2022 saw the release of the long-awaited spin-off called We Baby Bears, which acts as a prequel to We Bare Bears, a popular animated show based around a web-comic that aired until 2019, and then ended with a feature movie. Well, it seems that was far from being the end because we can now see the adventures of the three characters before they started living and trying to integrate into the human world of San Francisco, which is what is depicted in the original series.

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Grizzly, named after his species, and nicknamed Grizz, is the oldest of the three bear bros', which is why he often leads the other two into all sorts of adventures and crazy events since he always loves to have fun. Panda might be bigger than the other two, but he is the one that gets anxious and embarrassed the most, and since he is Asian, it only makes sense he loves Anime and cuisine such as Ramen. Finally, Ice Bear comes from the North Pole, is the youngest, and you can hardly hear him speak, with him being able to speak Russian thanks to his caretaker, Yuri.

All the three brothers come from different backgrounds, species of bear, but when they found one another they became a family, with them being united despite their differences, and through this new show, you can see them when they were just kids who used a teleportation box to travel from one place to another. They are searching for a new home, so this means you can see the whole world with them, until they will finally find one and settle in it. Until then, explore!

Sometimes, the places they visit are not even human-like, just like you will see in games like Veggie Village Quest, the series' first entry, where they use their box to teleport to a village made out of vegetable people, so this will surely be a fresh culture for you to explore, that you can't find in your day-to-day life.

Of course, this is just the beginning of the series, and we expect it to stick around for long, so the games on this page will only grow in number, and if you finish playing them all, try the original We Bare Bears Games for even more fun, now with the characters being more adult-like, but still childish and adventurous!