Star Slalom

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What is Star Slalom?

Star Slalom

In the We Baby Bears Games category, we are now happy to present you all with the amazing game called Star Slalom, which is not only mobile-friendly, meaning accessible whenever and wherever, but also has a format unlike the category has had before, which takes you all the way into space, as there are truly no limits for these furry brothers!

Make a Star Slalom with We Bare Bears!

As the three brothers in a box go through space, you use the mouse or finger to tap left and right to make them change direction, as you need to avoid bumping directly into the stars because if you do that too many times, you lose. We cannot hurt outer space like that.

Instead, what you must move through are the food and toys you find in space, collecting them for points, and each time you slalom, try getting more of them than before to always get a bigger high score than previously.

We're sure that this simple gameplay has now been understood, and now you will be ready to give this game your absolute best, after which we hope we see you checking out even more of our amazing content for the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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