Mind Your Manners - Tea Party

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What is Mind Your Manners - Tea Party?

Mind Your Manners - Tea Party

Mind Your Manners - Tea Party is a game belonging to the fan-favorite category of Strawberry Shortcake Games online, based around the multi-media franchise of the same name, which little girls all around the world love, and now they get to interact with their favorite character directly, learn some good manners, and enjoy some (virtual) tea!

Mind Your Manners at Strawberry Shortcake's Tea Party!

You begin by choosing the host you want to play as, and pass tea and treats to guests. After that, guests show you what they want to eat or drink, so pick them up correctly to hand them out. Don't forget to talk and conversate with people, if they wish it.

You have to entertain, keep guests happy, as well as be fed and hydrated with the wonderful tea, and keep the party going on until there is nothing else to serve, and thus the mission has been accomplished, and the game won.

Of course, doing all this teaches you good manners any girl should have, and we're sure you are going to have an incredible amount of fun, as with any and all our games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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