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What are Strawberry Shortcake Games?

Strawberry Shortcake is a 2020 very well-known cartoon, toy, and doll for all the girls in the world, but it did not start as a big thing. The little pink character that has a strawberry hat started as a cute character on a greeting card, and because it has been such a huge success, she becomes the icon of different commercials, dolls, posters, and different products.

The cute girl character is named Strawberry Shortcake because she really looks like the famous dessert, and she even has a strawberry hat that gives her an extra detail. The cute character becomes very popular throughout history, and it has started in the 1980s when it became a real industry and a franchise so that girls all around the world could have a Strawberry Shortcake doll, a poster, or in 2020 there are even school items like pencils.

Cute Strawberry Shortcake

This entire games category is based on the little pink character, and it's going to be a category filled with games for girls starting from dress-up challenges, fashion events, makeover games, makeup challenges, and even little hairstyling and decoration games, in which she is going to bring for you girls little doll characters and friends that you will manage to play with once you start to find your favorite games.

All the Strawberry Shortcake challenges will be very fun and easy to play, and that will make you find HTML5 games that are even available to be played even on your mobile phones and tablets for free. These games for girls will be able to be played anywhere you are if you have an internet connection, and you dear kids will have to make sure that as fast as possible, you will manage to help Strawberry Shortcake remain a cute chibi doll by cleaning her hair, washing her clothes, and finding new outfits to wear for her future games.

You need to know how to spot the pink doll out of a crowd, so we prepared for you a short characterization about her, and once you are finished reading it all, you will see how easy it will be to spot Strawberry Shortcake in each and every one of the games that we are going to present for you. As you already know, her name is based on the famous dessert that has the same Strawberry Shortcake name, because it's made out of strawberries and it's a cake. The doll will also be made from strawberries, and you can see that she is going to be always dressed in pink.

The cute doll will have dark pink hair, and cute little doll outfits in each of her stories. The cute little doll will have a very cute accessory that will make her look very unique. Due to her name and the reason why she has it, the main character of this story will have a big strawberry hat on her head at all times, and we dare you to find inside the games, how many times Strawberry Shortcake will be without her hat, and tell us down in the comments section of the page, and even which is your favorite game while you are at it.

The controls of the games that are available on our website are going to be the mouse, with which you will manage to control all the actions and finish all the challenges with your new favorite character.

Games and toys

It's a great time playing inside the Strawberry Shortcake games category, and you will see how today, we are bringing for you a shortlist of all the games and all the toys that you can find in this category. All the girls all ages love to play with dolls, and you can see that Strawberry Shortcake has a very beautiful set of chibi dolls that have different shapes, colors, and models that you can see that they can be dressed and have makeovers for them to wear the most beautiful and modern outfits.

The first toys and dolls that appeared with Strawberry Shortcake characters like Berry Bake Shoppe, which has a very special kitchen set, because the little girly doll that needs help from the girls on our website to become one of the best chefs and cooks from our website. Snail Cart, which is a little snail that is orange with a brown house, and he is tolling a little kart with on of the Strawberry Shortcake doll. The Carrousel toy is going to be a green leaf carrousel that is small and has four seats on which the girls can place their Strawberry Shortcake dolls.

The animal characters of this games category are going on here on our website, and today dear kids you will see how Flitter-Bit the Butterfly is another doll, and you will see how much fun you can have through this new challenge by making sure that you will see that the little doll will look like a real butterfly. It will have two seats so that the dolls can ride it, and it will have wings so that he can fly.

The Big Berry Trolley is another toy that you can find in this category, and you will see how much fun you can have, because it's going to be a little strawberry troller that the girls from our website can pull beside her, and you will manage to see which are the favorite toys. These were all toys from the early 2000s, and you can see that you will see that there are going to be a new series of toys right here on our website.

In 2009, there was a new launch of a series of toys, and they are all cute, and interesting and all the girls from all over the world managed to buy at least one of them to complete their collection. The Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Market is one of the first ones that hit the shelves of the stores, and it's going to be a little kitchen fully equipped. The Strawberry Shortcake Berry Stylish Playset is going to be a little wardrobe, in which you will find doll clothes and accessories which you can use to dress the dolls.

The Strawberry Shortcake Berry Sweet Dining Set is a very interesting cooking game and dolls that you can find in this category, where dear children you will have to make sure that as fast as possible, you will manage to help your friends use all the cooking set that you have in this new challenge.

Popular Shortcake sets

It's very obvious that this is a girly category, and that you dear girls can find amazing games that you can play for free, and today, we are preparing for you a list of the most interesting and the best games that you can try with Strawberry Shortcake and all the other chibi dolls from our website.

The most popular dress up games for girls with these pink dolls are very interesting, and you will have to use the mouse through the Super Star game, or the Baby Barbie Strawberry costumes game, in which you will have to look through special clothes that are inside the closets or in the shops to change the Strawberry Shortcake's dolls.

The messy challenges are very interesting because dear kids you will see that in the challenge you will have to clean her hair, her makeup, and her style, so you have to make sure that it's going to be a lot of fun to finish the messy challenges by cleaning the doll, giving her a makeover and start to go to the spa and even find new styles for the girls in this category.

There are going to be a lot of doctor challenges, and you will see that you will have to be good dentists, fix Strawberry Shortcake's teeth, and tongue infections, and even see how she is going to be healthy after each and every one of the doctor games that we have prepared for you in this new challenge. Have fun!