Basketball Smash

Basketball Smash

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Basketball Smash
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Basketball Smash Overview


A session of Basketball Smash online can always be incredibly fun, which is precisely why we could not have missed the chance of sharing this brand-new addition to our website, as we know without a doubt how great the game is from our own time with it, so why would the same not be true for you too?

Play Basketball Smash online for free and fun!

You will click or tap on the screen, depending if you're playing on a computer or mobile device, making the basketball jump every time you do it. By doing so you aim to get the ball into the hoop, and one after another get in as many shots and make a big combo streak, and earn lots of points.

There is a time bar depleting at the top of the screen each time you are handed a ball, so if you don't get it in before it's running out, you lose and have to start again from scratch. The hoop will move from one side of the screen to another, and its height can also be changed.

Good luck we wish you, but mostly focus on power and skills, since those are what will bring you victory and a ton of fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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