Be-be-bears: Matching Pairs

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Be-be-bears: Matching Pairs
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What is Be-be-bears: Matching Pairs?

Be-be-bears: Matching Pairs

Be-be-bears: Matching Pairs is a game that children from Russia will definitely be very excited about since that is where this show originates from, so playing games with them is something they would want, but even if you've not played this game before, you should try it still, as memory games with cards featuring animals can only be a great experience!

Find the Matching Pairs with Be-be-bears!

You can choose to play in one of three modes:

  • 3 pairs
  • 6 pairs
  • 12 pairs

Use the mouse to click on two cards at a time to flip them around, and when they have the same animal on them, the pair is removed from the screen, and once you've cleared the screen of them all, you will have finished the level, simple as that.

It's as simple as it can be, so try this game out right now, as you won't regret it for a second, and we hope you tell your friends all about it too, inviting them over for the fun as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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