Hidden Cats: Detective Agency

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What is Hidden Cats: Detective Agency?

Hidden Cats: Detective Agency

Hidden Cats: Detective Agency is a really awesome and high-quality interactive hidden objects game where Faye, a girl, and Carrot, her cat, run the agency whose sole task is to find cats that are missing, and if they don't, they won't have any money to pay for rent. Are you willing to give a helping hand?

Help the Detective Agency find the Hidden Cats!

In each level, you are given multiple cats to find, and you have to do so by looking around the image with the mouse, interacting with the items but also the people there, as the cats can be really sneaky, and they will give their absolute best not to be seen, meaning that you need to search for them really carefully.

Use the mouse to look around and click on the cats when spotted, and know that if you are really in need of help, you can use up to five hints. Each new mission gives you more cats to find, but also brings you more fun to have, so we hope you aren't stopping any time soon, and see your adventure through to the end!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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