Cargo Simulator 2023

Cargo Simulator 2023

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Cargo Simulator 2023
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Cargo Simulator 2023 Overview


Cargo Simulator 2023 is a brilliant new unity 3D game with driving, where you're not just roaming around randomly, but you are moving with a purpose, and that purpose is to deliver your cargo to the people that are waiting for it, something that we have no doubt at all you are going to easily be able to do, and then enjoy plenty!

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In total there are going to be five different types of cargo trucks and vehicles that you will drive, with the purpose each time being to reach the delivery destination in the given time, without losing your cargo along the way, and earn points by achieving this.

With the points that you have earned, buy new vehicles to make your fleet even bigger and better, obviously. Use WASD to drive, L for the vehicle lamb, right signal with E, left signal with Q, and Z for quad lamb.

Now that you have surely understood, nothing else remains but for you to start enjoying this awesome game right now, as only here is possible, after which we invite you to check out what other great content we have been sharing with you all day long!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, but also L, E, Q, and Z.


KAYD Software

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