Bestie To The Rescue Breakup Plan

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What is Bestie To The Rescue Breakup Plan?

Bestie To The Rescue Breakup Plan

In Bestie To The Rescue Breakup Plan, the main girl in this game has been cheated on by her Boyfriend, and she has been crying and feeling bad for days now. Well, her best friend, which is the role you will take, is going to come to the rescue by giving her a makeover, helping her feel confident again, and happy, and she will certainly find a new boy very soon!

Help Bestie To The Rescue and her Breakup Plan!

Through the four stages of the game, you will clean the girl's face and solve any skin issues, add makeup over it to make her skin look even better, brush and arrange her hair, and style it in a cool fashion, take up her measurements to give her some unique clothes, and dress her up in some cool outfits for the end.

Easy, right? Now that you've surely understood, get to it! Sometimes you just have to click on the screen where shown, but other times you have the freedom to use cosmetics and clothes however you see fit, and we're sure you will end up with great results, as usual!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.