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South Park PSP

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South Park PSP
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South Park PSP Overview


South Park PSP is an older game that has now made its way into the future with our careful addition to our website, where we've got a category for this popular raunchy animation for adults, as well as a category for older PSP games that you can now play directly from browsers, so we invite you to do so, even more so because it is a shooting game with these characters!

Try the South Park PSP game online unblocked right now!

Cartman, Kyle, Stan, or Kenny are the four main characters that you become here, whom you will help out in shooting as many of the enemies that come before them, and that is not something unusual, as the gang always seems to get itself into all sorts of trouble.

Eliminate all the enemies, no matter how small, so that you can also take on the Tanks at the end, which are bigger and more fearsome. Use the arrows for directions, J for A, K for B, space for Z, Q for L, and E for R. Use the snowballs to get the turkeys attacking you, and don't run out of health points, out of 100, or you lose. You also get points for taking down the birds, so try to see how big of a score you get.

Good luck and the best we're wishing you all, and we truly hope you stick around for even more of our great daily games!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar, J, K, Q, E keys.

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