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What are South Park Games?

South Park is one of the world's longest-running television shows, and it impresses in that regard, especially for its genre, which is cartoons aimed at adults, despite the somewhat cute designs of the characters you see in it, the show is known for its raunchy takes and jokes, as it's far from being aimed at children, which can also be said for the South Park Games online you can find and play here for free, which we have worked very hard to bring forward for you.

The show has been going on since 1997, and Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the two creators have been heavily involved in all aspects of production, from writing to directing and being the source of inspiration for two of the main characters. The two created two short films both titled The Spirit of Christmas (then renamed Jesus Vs Frosty and Jesus Vs Santa), and the two shorts eventually became viral, even on the internet, which was in its early days. It is those shorts that got the show picked up.

Meet your new South Park friends:

Of course, the show is titled after the fictional setting of it, which is a small town somewhere near Denver, Colorado, and we follow four main characters, in addition to many other secondary and side ones.

Stan is meant to be the most average and basic one of the group, and his best friend, Kyle, is Jewish, which contrasts with Cartman, the loud and obnoxious one, who sometimes might even become an antagonist. Kenny completes the squad, as a poor boy who wears his hood really tight on his face, and who used to die in every episode for a few seasons at the start of the show.

Believe it or not, when crazy things happen in South Park, some of them realistic events, some of them even supernatural, it is usually these four fourth-graders who are the voices of reason and try to set everything right, as the adults are often portrayed as egotistical, crazed, panicked, and many times hypocritical, as they say, one thing and do the other.

Get some funny in your life with South Park Games unblocked!

Of course, with the content here you can Kill Kenny, a popular meme of the show, you can play sports, try surviving the eruption of a volcano, run away from aliens, ride motorcycles, dress up the characters you love, or maybe even create your own original character that could fit easily into the show.

Tons of wacky adventures with the cartoon world's craziest quartet are awaiting you right now, so start playing and having fun as only here you can!