Shark Attack

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What is Shark Attack?

Shark Attack

We hope you never go through a real Shark Attack, but when it comes to the world of gaming, we invite you to take part in one right now, where you are going to become the killer shark that attacks anything touching the waters around him, a really fun experience we now invite you all to have, and we know it is because we've just played it ourselves, so we really wanted to share the experience with you as well!

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The game is simple: you move the mouse to direct your shark towards where you want it to go, and give your best to eat fish that are smaller than you, as well as humans sitting in the water, which is how you get points but also increase in size. Give your best toward surviving as much as possible, because bigger fish can eat you, so avoid them at any and all costs!

If you die like that, start again, and try to beat your previous high scores. Hold the left mouse button to dash if you need some speed to attack or defend yourselves. It's that simple, so start the cruel world of the sea, where fish eat fish, and see if you can dominate it fully!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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