The Enderman

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What is The Enderman?

The Enderman

The Enderman is going to be one of the best new platform-adventure games online from our website you get to play today, one that also has the added element of teleportation into it, something we don't have here very often, so we are quite positive that you are going to love this new experience, as it is rare that you get to play the role of this character anyway!

Let's go on the adventures of The Enderman!

Use A and D to move the character, who will have many blockages along the way, such as trees, or maybe he gets stuck in the water, or even other monsters. Click when you see the marker turning white, because that is where he can teleport, and make it happen. If it is red, that is not a spot you can teleport to.

Use this method to advance through all the courses and reach the end of the adventure, hopefully without dying or getting stuck in the process.

How to play?

Use A, D, and the mouse.

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