Princess Mythic Hashtag Challenge

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What is Princess Mythic Hashtag Challenge?

Princess Mythic Hashtag Challenge

Princess Mythic Hashtag Challenge is a game where you dress up princesses in the style of ancient and even mythological ages, based on Greek and Roman gods, which is one of the most unique dress-up games for girls we've had here, and you can already see that from the styles you will be approaching:

  • Musik
  • Love
  • War
  • Fire
  • Night
  • Poseidon

Each of the styles is represented by another god, and their element, and, of course, each wardrobe you are given in each level will reflect that. Allow us to explain more right now, so you can start having fun at once!

Have fun with the Princess Mythic Hashtag Challenge for girls!

Start off by using the money you have to buy clothes, put them in the wardrobe, and then mix and match them however, you see fit, so that if you do a great job, you will earn more money, which in turn means you can buy and use even more clothes, and keep the fun going strong!

Do that for all the aforementioned styles, and we're sure you will be having a total blast, guaranteed! Don't stop here, since we have more games for girls, and we hope you check them out as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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