Stylist For A Star: Arianna

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Stylist For A Star: Arianna
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What is Stylist For A Star: Arianna?

Stylist For A Star: Arianna

Stylist For A Star: Arianna is a new celebrity makeup and dress-up game online for girls, one where Ariana Grande is giving you the chance to be in charge of her fashion choices, and for this challenge, you will dress her up for concerts, galas, for social media, and other events, something we will now teach you how easy it is!

Become a Stylist For A Star: Arianna!

For each theme you begin with makeup, where you change the shape and color of eyebrows, pick out the lashes you like most, and apply cosmetics like blush, lipstick, or eye-shadow. When dressing her up, mix and match tops, bottoms, jackets, the dresses, the leggings, the hairstyles, and accessorize with earrings, necklaces, hats, purses, or glasses!

We're sure that for each of these tasks, you are going to do an amazing job from start to finish, and when you are done with the multiple levels and tasks of the level, you are going to get the job and take on the permanent role of stylists for celebrities, and many more will also want you to change their looks for sure!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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