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Opposites Overview


It's very good and educational for kids to learn about Opposites from a young age, which is what we invite them to do with one of the best new toddler games online added for them, on either computers or mobile devices, since it is available in both, and we're totally sure you will now do as you're told because we want to teach you how simple it is!

Learn and play with Opposites online!

At the top, you are shown a card with something on it: a basketball on the table, a happy boy, or a closed lock, for example. Down below you have three choices from where to pick its opposite, which would be a basketball under the table, a sad boy, and an open lock.

Pick the right opposing card, and then advance to the next puzzle, doing so until you have solved all of them. They get a bit more difficult at the later end of the game, but we're sure you will still do amazing, and have fun, something we hope you do with the other daily games of our website for the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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