Valentine Hidden Heart

Valentine Hidden Heart

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Valentine Hidden Heart
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Valentine Hidden Heart Overview


Valentine Hidden Heart has been added to our website in celebration of the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday of love, which is coming up very soon, and for which we will have many more games in the foreseeable future, but today we are starting off with something simple, where the hidden objects you search for our hearts, to make it all thematic!

Find the Valentine Hidden Heart online!

In each level, you have a really beautiful image of a romantic scene, where you have to search for and click on ten hearts in total, and you need to spot them all before the time granted for the stage runs out on you. Click on the hearts when you spot them, but know that if you click wrong, you lose time, so don't do it aimlessly.

There are also hints you can use, a limited number of them, so don't overdo them. Each new stage will be more romantic than the last, and more fun, so start sooner rather than later, so you can finish up the game and be filled with the feeling of love!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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