Hidden Objects Hello Love

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What is Hidden Objects Hello Love?

Hidden Objects Hello Love
Hidden objects games online are always a great time to be had, especially when we're talking about games such as today's Hidden Objects Hello Love, which features lots of images of lovely couples going on dates and having fun together season after season, with you trying to find hidden items in these images.

Learn how to play hidden objects games for girls like this one:

The format is not complicated in the least, as you will find out right now! There are no less than sixteen images you can play with, and it is up to you with which one you start and with the ones you continue with, and depending on your performance you can get from one to three stars at the end of each level.

On the side of the screen you see the items you have to find, so click on them in the image when spotted. You are being timed, so try to clear each level as fast as possible, because the faster you are, the more stars you earn. Hints can be used, but try not to use too many of them, or you run out.

Good luck to you, we hope you enjoy the game as much as possible, and that this will be far from the last hidden items game you play here for free!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.