Festival Vibes Makeup

Festival Vibes Makeup

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Festival Vibes Makeup
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Festival Vibes Makeup Overview


When summer comes, it's time to go to festivals, and to get into the vibes for it, the girl from this game wants to try out three types of makeup styles that are trendy, all of which you get the chance to apply on her face, and at the end of the game she will decide which one will suit her the best, and which she will wear when going out partying!

The three styles of makeup that you will be doing here can be categorized like this:

  • rave
  • native
  • punk

Get into Festival Vibes with Makeup!

Before applying cosmetics, this game allows you to pick out a hairstyle, and even the hair color can change from one to the other in the six options, six options being available for everything.

Continue by applying lipstick, using eye-shadow over the eyes, painting the eyebrows too, and never forget about the blush that goes into the cheeks of the girl.

Depending on the style you are attempting you can add sprinkles and tiny painting on her face, but even paint her face fully, and do big designs similar to tattoos, if you want to go out there and have everyone with their eyes on you.

Hats, sunglasses, regular glasses, necklaces, earrings, flower crowns, and other accessories like that will also be found, so try them too, since accessorizing at a music festival is really important!

This game for girls is one of the best that you could play right now, so feel free to do it right away, and when you're done, browse the three looks you've just made, and pick your favorite!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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