Bratz Love Meter

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What is Bratz Love Meter?

Bratz Love Meter
Love test games are already really awesome on their own, so of course, they would become even better when you get to play them with characters that you know and love a lot, just like it is the case right now with Bratz Love Meter, a love testing game featuring your favorite dolls from Bratz, who is going to help you find out if you and your crush are compatible with one another!

How will the dolls be able to find out? Well, the magic is in the names of you and your crush, which is what you are going to use the keyboard for in typing the names in the two brackets. After entering the names, the Bratz dolls will use their expertise in relationships, as well as tried methods of analyzing names, to give you an answer.

You find out the answer with the vial on the left, a love vial that is going to fill up, and the more the vial is filled up, the more love is between you two. We hope that you actually get the biggest option in it, which is love as strong as Romeo and Juliet. Who knows, maybe this love tester game will help you ask out your crush!

How to play?

use the keyboard to write your names, then click test.

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