Beyblade Multiplayer

Beyblade Multiplayer

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Beyblade Multiplayer
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Beyblade Multiplayer Overview


Beyblade has always been about competition, because Beyblade battles need at least two people involved, throwing their Beyblades into the ring, and trying to take out the other one. Well, that is the kind of experience you can now have with Beyblade Multiplayer, one of the best Beyblade Games in 2 you will ever find, so let’s get down to teaching you how it works!

Pick if you want to play against the computer, or against someone real with the 2P mode. Start by selecting the character you want to be, like Mariah, Tyson, Brian, Eddy, or Johnny. To win a battle, you have to stop the opponent’s Beyblade without losing too much energy yourself, which happens when you hit the sides of the stadium’s ring.

If your skills power meter is up, use the two available skills, one being an attack, and the other one being an armor, great for defense. With the experience points you get from the battles you can customize your blade and character. Try your best to be stronger, and always on the attack, if you want to win the battles!

Player 1 power-ups with the up arrow, move the Beyblade with the arrows, select a skill with END, and use skills with PGDWN. Player 2 will move using E, S, D, F, they use E for powering up, you select the skill with H, and use it with G.

We wish you all the best at the Beyblade battles, hoping you become the Beyblade champion you’ve always dreamt of being!

How to play?

use the mouse and arrows to finish the battle.

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