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What are Paddington Games?

A few years ago, not too long ago, a furry little character from British media for kids has made his way across the pond through a movie, a movie that became an instant hit with critics and audiences alike not only in the US and in the UK, but on all the other continents of the world, making the character even more renowned.

Not only the success of this movie spawned a sequel that might have been even better received, but now there is also an animated series spin-off airing on Nick Jr, with us thinking there are endless more possibilities for fun.

This might be a long introduction, but it is quite clear already that we are talking about Paddington Games, based on the animated franchise of the same name, with us being very excited that we can finally share this awesome interactive content with you!

Learn more about Paddington, his friends, and, of course, what you can do together!

The origins of Paddington Bear date way back to 1958, when the first story about this character was published, with it soon becoming a whole series of children’s books that became more and more popular with each new bit of content that it appeared featuring this character.

The 2014 film features this bear coming from the wilderness and moving into London, where he is adopted by the Brown Family, so we can see him adapting to this new life, as well as trying to avoid getting taxidermied by Millicent Clyde, the film’s antagonist.

The 2017 sequel features a story about Paddington trying to get a gift for his aunt, a gift that gets stolen, so he gets wrongfully imprisoned for theft, leaving his family to try their best to prove the bear’s innocence and find the real culprit.

Until the third movie appears, which we are sure will be soon enough, you can watch a brand new Nick Jr show featuring the character, but slightly younger, as in each episode he writes a letter to Aunt Lucy, telling her about all the wonderful stuff he learned all through the day.

Educate your child while having fun playing games with Paddington!

Since younger kids are the target audience of this page, of course, it would have quite a huge educational element to it, as you will do things such as arrange letters on the cars of a train to form words, create words by sorting blocks just like they were Tetris, help Paddington hang all the pictures in the house in the correct spot and the right angle, or go on an adventure where you meet his whole family!

As you can see, there are plenty of fun activities that you can do with the bear, interacting with him directly, but this is just the beginning, as you can expect this category to be updated constantly, and you should know very well that there is no better place where you can experience it than on our website, so we hope to see you back as often as possible!