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What are Unikitty Games?

Unikitty is a combination of a unicorn and a pink cat with a blue horn on its forehead, two pink ears, and a blue and whitetail. Its body is very briefly sketched, being in the shape of a cat that has its front and hind legs together. She is the Unikingdom princess, and her energy is unprecedented; it has the superpower to change its color depending on the situation it is in, but at the same time, our kitten always has a very well-developed sense of humor.

Who are Unikitty's friends?

Dr. Fox: is an orange vixen who is a researcher, a true doctor who in science has a very important forum in Unikingdom along with all the other characters. Fox is always among the test tubes in the laboratory and it always manages to come up with technical solutions appreciated by all the animals in the city. He is always dressed in a white robe and brown pants, and his enthusiasm when he discovers something good is invaluable.
Puppycorn: is the antagonism of Unikitty, respectively it is a combination between a puppy and a unicorn who is also Unikitty's younger brother. He is blue with a yellow horn on the back of his head and wears a black spiked belt around his neck. Even though he is the younger brother, he manages to impose himself in front of his friends and is always in the middle of the action, proving to everyone how brave he is.
Hawkodile: it is a combination between a green crocodile and a strong falcon, having the upper part of the body borrowed from the falcon, being brown, and the lower part from the crocodile, being green. Most of the time he manages to use both parts of his body, regardless of whether he is in the air and has to use his wings or if he is in the water and will have to swim. His main activity is related to fighting, he manages to fight with all his opponents.

In the games you can find in the Unikitty Games category you will be able to make better friends with these characters in different adventure games, coloring, or even quiz.