Unikitty: Royal Highness

15.05.2022 3.072 37 votes

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What is Unikitty: Royal Highness?

Unikitty: Royal Highness

Welcome to Unikitty: Royal Highness, one of the newest games to have been added into this lovely category, where we have to be honest, new games had not been added in a while, which only means that right now you're about to have a fresh experience, one that we don't think you should miss out on for anything since there haven't been jumping games like this one added here before!

Help Unikitty, her Royal Highness, reach her friends in the sky!

Her friends are trapped in a summer bubble in the sky, which is why you are giving your best to reach there by jumping over one jelly at a time, gaining points for each successful jump, so try to see how far you can get and how many points you can score.

Simply click/tap to make Unikitty jump as the jelly platforms come from the sides, and land on them properly, because if you miss, you stop your journey then and there and have to start again from the bottom. Good luck, focus, and all the best we wish you all playing this game!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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