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What are Bubble Games?

Every website with online games for browsers has a few staple categories based on formats of games that have been around for decades and have many versions available. This makes it easier for kids interested in that genre to play those games. That is what is happening right now with the Bubble Games category because these are classic games that need a well-developed page for you to enjoy!

Precisely because of their accessible format and adaptability, bubble shooter games online have been around since flash gaming first became popular, and now they are available in HTML5, look way better, and many of them can also be played on mobile phones or tablets. In the rare instance that you’re not familiar with them, though, don't worry; we will help you get to know them now and here!

How do you play bubble games online?

First, know that you use the mouse for these games or tap with your fingers on the screen if you are playing on mobile devices. From the bottom of the screen, you shoot bubbles towards the pile of other bubbles at the top, with the goal of eliminating them all from the screen.

Now, to eliminate bubbles, you need to shoot them with bubbles of the same color. Aim for groups of at least three bubbles of the same color gathered together, or create this group yourself by shooting the bubbles.

In arcade bubble games, the bubbles from the top of the screen will slowly descend at times, so you need to keep eliminating them without letting them reach the bottom. Even in classic modes, if the bubbles stack to the bottom, you lose, so don’t let that happen if you don’t want to lose!

Of course, clearing bubbles from the screen also gives you points in return, so aim to get a score as big as possible. I know that each new level you advance to will make it more challenging to shoot the bubbles, so always focus harder.

Sometimes, you shoot bubbles from cannons and know that in some games, bubbles are being replaced by candy, sweets, jellies, diamonds, jewels, or even icons that have faces of characters that you love from your favorite shows.

What are some of the best bubble shooting games for kids?

As we mentioned, you can play bubble games for browsers with some of your favorite characters, such as Ben 10 from Cartoon Network or the same channel, Steven Universe, with whom you shoot and match gems.

Zuma Games are also must-play games because in Zuma, instead of having bubbles on the top of the screen, they move on paths toward a hole in the center, and you need to shoot and match them before reaching the hole.

There is way more diversity than you would think here on our page of games with bubbles, so we hope you browse it right now, pick a game to start the fun with, and then don’t stop even for a second, but keep the fun going!