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Alien Bubbles

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Alien Bubbles
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Alien Bubbles Overview


Alien Bubbles is here to bring you back into the world of bubble shooting games online, some of the most popular arcade and skill games we've had here over the years, where we now replace bubbles with colorful pixel aliens, and we're quite positive you will have a really fun time shooting them, something we will now explain how to do, in case you're new to the genre!

Shoot the Alien Bubbles online right now!

As the aliens descend, instead of shooting them with other aliens, you shoot them with arrows, but make sure to target aliens that have the same color as your arrow at that moment, because that is the only way to kill them. If you shoot them with the wrong arrow, they just continue descending at a faster rate.

Use WASD to move the arrows on the wheel, and then press the spacebar to shoot them, so you won't be using the mouse as you are used to doing with these games. Now that you've understood how simple and unique this game is, check it out at once, and play it, maybe even sharing it with your many friends as well!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and the spacebar.

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