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What are Zuma Games?

You can now find the biggest variety of Zuma Games online, playable directly from your browsers, with no downloads required, and all being free and unblocked, as our administrative team has not only brought along the original game that inspired this series of fantastic bubble shooter games, but we have also put fan-made ones inspired by it, with many of them belonging to other series as well, but using this popular gameplay.

This video game was originally released in 2003, with one year later seeing the release of an updated version we are sure many of you are familiar with, called Zuma Deluxe. In 2004 it won the title of game of the year at RealArcade, which was a great recognition in addition to the huge sales the game did. Since then it has been ported to mobile devices, new consoles, and you can play it wherever and whenever.

The rules of Zuma Games explained!

The game is set in an Amazonian forest with ancient temples and the like, and ceramic balls are moving along a set path in each level, with the paths getting more complicated from one stage to the other one. Your goal is to eliminate all of the rolling balls before they reach the yellow skull, because if they do, it opens its mouth, eats them up, and you lose the stage.

You shoot your balls, two at a time, from a frog statue, using the mouse, and you can change between them with the right mouse button while using the left one to make the shot after aiming. Aim to hit or create groups of three or more identical balls, meaning that they have the same color, since then they explode, and might even create a chain reaction with other ones.

You are also playing against time, and if you want to get some extra points, you can shoot through the coins when they sometimes appear, make chain explosions, and shoot and hit through the gaps sometimes formed between the balls. If you shoot the power-up balls, four of them in total, the following things can happen:

  • Backward Ball: it pushes the chain that is farthest backward for a limited time.
  • Slow-Down Ball: it slows down the speed the balls are coming through.
  • Accuracy Ball: gives you an arrow for shooting so that you are more precise.
  • Explosion Ball: hit it and make any balls, no matter their color, in a limited range blow up.

If you choose to try the Adventure Mode, you start off with three lives, while more can be won by getting enough points. Here, levels are structured into temples, and temples have multiple worlds inside of them. So, this way you see more of the ever-expanding world of Zuma, with the final frontier being a space level. In the Gauntlet Mode, you can re-try and play again any levels you’ve already conquered in the normal or adventure modes, and here you also have a survival mode where balls get faster and the colors are arranged in a more difficult way.

You will see that in many of our Zuma bubble shooting games this premise has been re-worked and re-styled, as you get to shoot other things such as sushi, crystals, Christmas decorations, or even play the game with some of your favorite characters in media.

Checking this category out right now should be a must for you all, and an experience you won’t regret having, so start playing and having fun right now!