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What are Zuma Games?

Hello dear kids and welcome to our site, we want to give you surprises with new games every day so here it would be the place for you to make new friends and just have the time of your life and for that, you also need of course new categories because, we the administrative team of the site, give you the chance to play new games with nee adventures and new characters through the new categories we prepare for you.

This Zuma Games category is the newest one we have for you today, a new category in which we will give you the chance to have the best time ever with a new puzzle type of games. And we can tell you that the Zuma challenges you will have the chance to check out today and always here on our site are going to be different than anything else, very much filled with surprises for you.

But before we present to you all the games which we will have for you, we want to tell you a few words about the Zuma adventure games because, maybe, for some of you is the first time you try out this kind of games and maybe you didn’t even hear about them before, so we the administrative team of the site want to explain to you exactly what you are going to do in a Zuma game.

So, first of all, a Zuma adventure is filled with mysteries and all kinds of challenges for you because, usually, these levels are played in ruins or other ancient places and there is a story, the story of the big frog who is here to play with you all. But there are more ways to play something like that and we are going to tell you all about the different modes to play this adventure.

Come and play Zuma

The objective of Zuma, the game we are talking about, is to eliminate, to pop all of the balls rolling around the screen along the path, there is a clear path on which the balls are going to go forward from the point they enter into the game to where the yellow skull is. And you have to know from the beginning that if the first ball gets to the yellow skull, the rest of them will follow like they would fall inside and you will lose the level, but you can always try again.

So as the balls go forward on the said path, the yellow skull will open its mouth gradually and that means you are in danger to lose the level. You can carry two balls at a time with the help of the frog idol and you can fire the balls, the colored ones towards the others on the path and if three or more of the same colored balls are next to each other, they will explode and this way you can even create a chain reaction.

So you have to get rid of all the colored balls and because you can carry two at a time, you can even switch between the two, of course, if you need a different color. You can use the frog to rotate in any direction to face the path with the balls and fire them.

Let’s get the bonus points

In order to make the levels even more interesting, even in the simple, original Zuma gameplay, you have bonuses that you can win and use at each level. You can collect them using the balls, they are usually found between the gaps and you can use them to get more points or to create chain reactions which can of course help you get rid of more balls. Because that is the goal you are aiming towards if you want to win the levels.

Besides these bonuses, you can also collect time bonuses because each level is on a fixed time and if you didn’t manage to get rid of all the balls until the time has ran out, you will lose the level because they will all rush to the skull. This fun time bonuses you can collect are ranging from thirty seconds to four minutes depending on the level.

To make things even more interesting, the Zuma levels have four kinds of power-ups that can appear in the balls, which can be activated and used by you by exploding the ball. The backward ball pushes the furthest-out chain, but for that the balls of course have to be connected, backwords for a number of seconds, depending on the bonus. This can help you especially if the balls are too near the skull.

So this power-up, the slow down power-up can push back the balls out of the screen for a little while to help you.

We have another power up for you, the accuracy ball which allows you and the frog idol to perform quicker shots and an arrow will appear which will show you where the ball you shoot is going to land, and this power up is on time of course, too. You must consider the size of the ball too, but this can really be helpful because sometimes you want to aim the colored ball right in the place you want and if the path is still far from the frog, that can be difficult sometimes.

The last power-up you will see is the explosion one, in which case, when you match the ball, it will explode and it will take with it a number of balls near it, but you need to be quick with this one because if you don’ t use it in time, it will disappear.

Further, we want to present to you the two types of gameplay you can see here on our site in the Zuma games you will get to play, the Adventure mode and the Gauntlet mode.

Adventure Zuma

A classical adventure game will start off with three lives, you need lives in a level like this and that will be shown by the three frogs in the upper part of the game. But don’t worry because you can win new lives with each 50.000 points. There are some things you can try out which will give you extra points, of course finishing with time left on the clock, using bonus points and of course the power-ups which the balls can offer you and so on, you should check them all out because it is important to have a big score in the adventure mode.

To make things interesting, as we said before the Zuma levels are held in special, mysterious places full of adventures, we can call them temples. In a simple adventure mode, the initial temples which you can play consist of three worlds with five levels each, and the fifth level in each of these worlds are more difficult than the other because you have two paths for the balls and of course two skulls so you need to pay attention to both. The tunnels will also make a difference here because not all levels have them.

Worlds one to three have four colors of balls: blue, green, red, yellow, and then worlds four to six add purple, and from world seven on, white is added o make things even more difficult. Because of course you need to match even more balls to the right color and you can do that harder if you have more colors.

Each world in which you will have the chance to start will have more levels than the one before and you will have the chance to encounter many adventures and surprises. When you finish world 9, you will see that an even bigger surprise is waiting for you, you will be able to unlock worlds 10 to 12 which are even more difficult than the ones before, but you have to concentrate and have a strategy and no level is impossible to win.

If you finish all 12 worlds which the adventure Zuma mode has for you, you will be able to try the Space level which is the most difficult of them all and the balls have no path to follow. If you lose this level, the space one, you will need to try again all 12 worlds to win.

Gauntlet Mode

Zuma’s Gauntlet mode is the one in which you can choose to check out a level which you already played in adventure mode, you can do that if you really love the level or if you maybe want to become better and just practice because the game can be very difficult. You can make the colors and the speed of the balls different.

The level classifications of the gauntlet mode, in order, of their difficulty are Rabbit, Eagle, Jaguar, and Sun God. When you reach Sun God, you can continue endlessly because you won’t have any more restrictions, but for you to reach that you need to get through some type of levels, like to fill the bar seven times.

What is Zuma?

Zuma is an adventure puzzle game in which you will play in temples, with colored balls and an idol frog and your mission is to not let the balls get to the yellow skull or you will lose the level.

How do you play Zuma?

Zuma has easy rules, you can use the frog and move it anywhere to aim to the colored balls. The frog has in its mouth the balls and you can shot them wherever you want in order to make the balls disappear and explode.

How do you win a Zuma level?

You win the level when you make all the colored balls disappear before they get to the skull or before the time runs out.

What gameplay modes are there?

You can check out the adventure mode or the gauntlet more and even one of them is fun and worth your attention.

Is Zuma difficult?

It can be a very difficult game because it challenges you, you need to focus and of course don’t lose your patience and just practice and practice until you master all the worlds in the Zuma adventures.