Timon and Pumbas Bug Blaster

Timon and Pumbas Bug Blaster

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Timon and Pumbas Bug Blaster
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Timon and Pumbas Bug Blaster Overview


Timon and Pumba's Bug Blaster is a take on Zuma games online that all Lion King fans should try! Even if not, it's still a classic and awesome bubble shooter game, with a spin. No, a literal spin, as you will spin around quite a lot. Let's show you how it all works, so you can start the fun!

Try Timon and Pumba's Bug Blaster!

Timon and Pumba sit in the middle of the screen, with bugs all around them. They are brown, green, red, or blue. You have to shoot your bugs at them and make groups of at least three identical bugs. Or hit those that are already in a group. That way you clear them, and get points. You win the level when you've matched all the bugs this way!

Watch out for the special bugs that give you bonus abilities:

  • the rainbow bug changes the color of any bug it hits
  • the electric bug makes the swarm move faster
  • the freeze bug stops all movement from the bugs for a few seconds

To move you use the right and left arrow keys, and with the spacebar, you shoot bugs. This is not like the bubble games with the mouse you usually play. Either way, we're sure you will be skilled, do great, and have a ton of fun like never before!

How to play?

Use the arrows, and spacebar.

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