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What are Lion King Games?

Lion King Games is our coolest new game category in which we are sure that you could have a great time playing all of our games without problems because we know that you are capable of everything if you would do so. Never let us go, because we need to see how can you act in all the situations that would follow and nothing bad could ever harm yourself. Get ready and make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely all this time. Get ready and manage to determine everything that a lion king would ever be able to make all the time. Show us all your interesting features that you could accomplish because that is how a true gamer like you would be able to make. Try to steal all the great beaviour from the other characters in order to create a better person and one that would win everything. Believe in us and in the things that you could find effectve and without errors. Try the new stuff that you could ever find and be something that everyone is going to wish for. et ready and settle down everything that you are going to be able to make from now on. Be sure that you would totally win all that you like in here and never lose faith in us. Go ahead and finish all the leves that you are going to see and never back your way on us like that. Good luck in something like that. Try to establish a connection bewteen the lion king and the lion guard that we have prepared it to you because that is what someone like you could do all the time. We are sure that you can do everything if you are ready for it. Never let us go and manage to determine all the situations in which you would be put. We are ready to tell you everything about our great story that is going to follow in these games over and over again. The Lion Kings tells the story of Simba, a young lion that hd been born to become the king of all the animals in the land. As he had been growing up, his father took him on a walk to tell him everything that he is going to be able to determine. His uncle, Scar, is really jealous on his brother, Musafa the king, and would try everything that he can in order to get him down so that he is going to be the new ruller. One day he tricks Simba to go to a dangerous place with his friends so they almost end up dead. Mustafa goes to save them, but then, his brother kills him, but simba thinks that it was his fault. Scar believes that simba is dead, so simba runs far far away from there believing that his father died because of him. Ending up in nowhere, he was found up by two wild animals, funny by the way, called timon and pumba. We are sure that you already know who they are. Spending the years with them, he learns the way of true friendship and how the world works. He believes one day that he has to return to the kingdom and destroy scar once and for all. At the Pride Lands, Simba returning there sees that Scar is rulling and tries to confrunt him, but he reminds him of how he killed mustafa. That is the time when Simba feels shame of believing that he killed his father. While going back Scar tries to kill his nephew and when he was almost done, he reveals the true secret and that he killed mustafa. Filled with anger, knowing the truth, Simba attacks his uncle and while doing so, he begs for mercy. And when he is given a little, he attacks his nephew again. That was the moment when Simba throws Scar over the rocks and down the hill. Really injured, and not dead yet, Scar had been eaten by hyenas and after that all of them were gone. As the Pride Land was then without Scar and the evil hyenas, it was believed that Simba rulled happily ever after with all his friends in peace.