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Zumbly Overview


Zumbly, as the title of it and its image suggests so clearly, is one of the best new Zuma Games online on our website, one that we invite you to play on either computers or mobile devices since it is one of the best bubble shooter games of the day nonetheless, as these arcade-skill games have managed to prove themselves to be all the time!

Have fun shooting marbles with Zumbly online!

Control the frog totem in the middle to aim and shoot marbles at those going on the path, using the mouse or finger. Aim in such a way that you create or shoot into groups of at least three identical marbles that have the same color, which is how you destroy them and earn points in return.

You are also doing it to prevent them from reaching the hole at the end of the road because if the marbles get swallowed up by it, you lose the level. Shoot special items when they appear, as well as the coins, for some extra matching and points, and always give your best, no matter how hard the levels become, as they will, but so will your skills. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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