Zuma Mystic India

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What is Zuma Mystic India?

Zuma Mystic India

In Zuma Mystic India, you get to do exactly what the title says, which is go to the magical land of India to play a Zuma game, which is some of the most popular bubble shooter games online on the internet, no doubt about it, where you will do the shooting with a special elephant head.

Play Zuma in the land of Mystic India online!

Use the mouse to direct the elephant's head all around the course, and click to shoot bubbles towards those moving on the lines, so aim to hit or create groups of at least three identical bubbles of the same color. They get removed and in return you get points.

The ultimate goal you have is to shoot down all the bubbles to complete the level, get a big score, and do not let the rows of bubbles reach the middle of the screen, where you are, because if that happens, they fall into the hole and you lose the level. Finish the levels quickly for extra points, because you will be timed.

Let the fun begin, and don't hesitate to invite your friends to try this or any other games in this category too, we have a feeling they will love it here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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