Marble Duel

Marble Duel

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Marble Duel
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Marble Duel Overview


Marble Duel is one of those Zuma Games that attempts to be a little bit better, or at least more unique than the other ones since this genre has been present in the world of online gaming for a while now, so it is quite rare to find new kinds of games in it, which is why this one, where you shoot bubbles with the intent of progressing the fantasy story has just been added for you!

Win the Marble Duel!

To advance the story of princesses, queens, demons, beastmen, and others, you will take part in various marble duels, where just like in Zuma or bubble shooting games, you shoot marbles at those in the lines, aiming to hit groups of two or more identical ones.

You take a shot, then your enemy takes a shot. The first one to win the required number of points by shooting the marbles accurately is going to be the winner, so we hope that you give your best and that will be you. Each new duel is more difficult than the one before, but you will also be more focused and better, isn't that right?

Start now, have the best time possible, and stick around for more of our daily games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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