Marble Dash

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What is Marble Dash?

Marble Dash

Marble Dash is one of the internet's latest takes on Zuma Games online, which are bubble shooter games and match 3 games all at the same time, with a format that has stood the test of time for many years now, and we are positive that this new variant is also going to be to your liking quite a lot, especially after we teach you how to play it right now!

It's time to start the Marble Dash online!

In each of the levels, you will have to eliminate all the marbles going down the line before they can get sucked whole by the totem mouth at the end of the path. Aim and shoot using the mouse, hitting in such a way that you create or hit groups of at least three identical marbles, meaning they have the same color.

You get points, and when all the marbles have been disposed of, you will have cleared the level as well. Things might get more difficult as you advance, of course, but you will also get better at everything, we're sure, and in no time you will clear all the levels on the map, and explore the entire land of marbles!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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