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Ludibubbles Overview


Ludibubbles is here for us to make the bubble games fresh once more, as we do quite often, knowing that these skill and shooting games online are a classic for a reason, and the reason is that they are extremely fun, and this one also has some original elements from what you are used to, so get ready for them!

Have tons of fun with Ludibubbles online free!

There will be a map with a road going through it where the bubbles move, and you can place your cannon to shoot at them wherever you want around the map, simply clicking where you want it to go.

That is certainly helpful, no? The main goal you have is to shoot the bubbles into other ones and form or hit groups of at least three identical bubbles, and then they get eliminated, granting you points in return.

Be careful not to let them reach the end of the course because you will have lost, of course. This Zuma x Bubble game is certainly going to be a treat, so enjoy it right now as only here is possible, what are you waiting for?

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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