Candy Zuma

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What is Candy Zuma?

Candy Zuma

Playing Zuma with Candy online is going to be an even better experience than the usual marbles and stones that you are used to interacting with in these bubble shooter games, a staple of the genre and maybe even its originator, with our team, always being delighted to share with you more games like this!

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The candy will move all around you, and your goal is to shoot them down and match them from the center before they can reach it, destroying all of them to clear the level. How? Well, when you have candy of a certain color, aim and shoot it with the mouse in the line of candy to hit or create groups of three or more identical candy of the same color.

When they are hit and get eliminated, you also get points in return, so as you finish a level, try gaining a big score too. As you advance through the levels, the candy will move faster and the difficulty increases, but that only makes everything more fun, you can believe us on that. Let's Zuma and have sweet fun!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.