Zumbla Classic

Zumbla Classic

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Zumbla Classic
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Zumbla Classic Overview


Zumbla Classic is going to be one of the best new bubble shooter games online with Zuma you get to find on our website, which once again allows you to visit the ancient world, playing around with totems, marbles, gems, and other precious items, something we will now tell you more about, in case you're new to this kind of game!

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With the mouse, you aim and shoot marbles from the frog statue in the middle of the screen, as you need to shoot into the moving lines of marbles in such a way that you hit or create groups of at least three identical ones so that they disappeared, and if you remove all the marbles by matching them like this, you win the level.

If, instead, you let the marbles reach the hole at the end of the road, you lose that stage, so make sure to avoid that from happening, but win instead, no matter how hard the levels get, and hit into the special marbles for awesome power-ups that will also help you plenty!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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