Bubble Shooter Pro

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What is Bubble Shooter Pro?

Bubble Shooter Pro

One format that will surely never go out of style in the world of online browser gaming is that of bubble shooting games online, which is why whenever new and awesome ones or classic ones are found by our team, we make sure to share them with you as soon as possible, just like right now with Bubble Shooter Pro!

Can you be a pro bubble shooter? Let's find out!

You will use the mouse to shoot bubbles from the bottom of the screen, aiming in the direction you want to send them, and then clicking to make the shot.

The goal is to hit or form groups of at least three bubbles of the same color so that this group is then eliminated, and in return, you are granted points.

Try to make a score as big as possible until you have cleared the screen of all the bubbles, but make sure not to let them stack down to the bottom of the screen because that happening means you lose the game.

These are the simple rules of the game, so give it a chance right now, and see for yourself why our team wanted you to play this game right now!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.