Bubble Shooter Pro 2

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What is Bubble Shooter Pro 2?

Bubble Shooter Pro 2

Once again you are invited to become a Bubble Shooter Pro, as we know just how much people really love this format, and the prequel to this one was one of the best-received games we've ever had in the genre, so we would not have missed adding its sequel for anything in the world, that you can bet on!

Try Bubble Shooter Pro 2 and attempt greatness!

You will use the mouse to aim and shoot the bubbles from the bottom of the screen towards the top, and you should aim to hit or create groups of three or more identical bubbles, which then explode and give you points in return.

As you keep doing that, bubbles keep coming down slowly, or faster, depending on how far along you are, so keep shooting and popping the bubbles without letting them reach the bottom or you lose the game.

It's really all that simple, so we invite you to begin the fun right now, only we hope you don't keep all this fun to yourself, but instead invite your friends to try the game as well!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.