Bubble Shooter 2

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What is Bubble Shooter 2?

Bubble Shooter 2

Try the new Bubble Shooter 2 game online, a mobile-friendly version of an all-time classic format we highly recommend to everyone and which you should check out on our website whenever we add a new one to the category, as we are always making sure they are simply the best, of course!

Play Bubble Shooter 2 online free!

Use the mouse to aim and shoot colored bubbles at those on the top of the screen, doing so to hit groups of bubbles in the same color, at least three, or create that grouping, since that is how you eliminate them and earn points in return.

The game runs endlessly, with you losing only if the bubbles manage to hit the bottom of the screen, a time when you will have lost, simple as that. Try seeing how big of a score you can get. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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